[:en]The french « art de vivre »[:]

[:en]Palaces, wealthy people, the great ones of this world call Miss Metro to organize their everyday life and their dinner parties with a criteria in mind, the « etiquette », of which she is the best specialist.

The etiquette, or French « art de vivre ». The etiquette or the good manners that rule people’s behavior in society. Saying hello when entering a public space, an office, a meeting, doesn’t sounds like it concerns that much people nowadays. Saying « Thank you »? But it’s gibberish. « Goodbye » ? Why ? As anyone can see, those rules are lost, to the profit of an ambient carelessness, a rudeness that is becoming worse and worse. A poll from 2012 indicates that this lack of respect and courtesy is the principal harm caused by the crisis.

However, behaving in society, being well-mannered, elegant (in the sense of being thoughtful, or the elegance of the heart) is the first rampart against barbary. Of course, we don’t suggest fighting the enemy with a stiff upper lip, a pair of golden 12 cm Jimmy Choo and a Dior suit, chic but ridiculous. It is about behaving, respecting a few rules without being obsequious. First, it would be nice to recover our use of a simple vocabulary: hello, goodbye, thank you. It’s not much, sure, but it’s like music, it soothes the mind.

In History, the first guide of “art de vivre” is found in 1530, in the essay of Erasme, Dutch theologist, humanist, he was the first european intellectual. This essay as been followed by the one from an Italian in 1550. In France, the references are Eliénor from Poitiers, Henri III and Louis XIV.

Nec plus Ultra, the lifestyle magazine, encouraged by the success of the previous reportages on the codes of social life, already broadcasted and available on Nec plus Ultra Youtube, in the “advices” category, decided to add a series of eight reportages about these modernized and often obscure codes.

Today, a reportage about the Hotel School of Besançon is broadcasted. We followed Miss Metro, who came as a consultant to offer her valuables advices to the future governesses and butlers. This is where she also learnt her job. Today, she is a consultant in “etiquette”, often asked for in the best houses and palaces of the world.

A small appetizer and a good source of information for those who are interested by this profession that often offers seducing wages.