(Français) Le premier Birkin s’envole pour New York

It’s a project that’s been in the works for over a year. After the Galleries Lafayettes in 2000 and Liberty of London in 2014, the first Birkin bag will be exhibited in New York at the Museum of Modern Art from October 1st to February 28th 2018 on the 6th floor of the world-renowned museum.

The first Birkin ever made for the Hermès House is part of a 111 item selection that will be exhibited at the MOMA for their exhibit Items: Is Fashion Modern?
They will try to answer this complex question by retracing past fashions till present day and try to determine what links them, and if there is indeed a link.
I am very happy to be going to New York and to be reunited with my prized handbag. I will post photos all week of this exciting event!



Article from : http://les3marchesdecatherineb.com/2017/09/24/le-premier-birkin-senvole-pour-new-york/ 

Cara Delevingne wears Alexandre Vauthier


Model and actress CARA DELEVINGNE wearing an ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER couture green long-sleeved Swarovski crystal beaded gown with velvet waist tie – Look 28 from the Fall / Winter 2017 couture collection – while attending the “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” premiere in Paris, France the 25th July 2017.

Renault place le festival de Cannes 2017 sous le signe de l’élégance et de l’audace !

Cette édition 2017, présidée par le cinéaste espagnol Pedro Almodovar et pour laquelle Monica Belluci s’est vue confier le rôle de maîtresse de cérémonie, aura une saveur toute particulière car le Festival célébrera ses 70 ans de glamour, de création, d’émotion et de rayonnement international. 70 ans… de cinéma !



Pour cette occasion exceptionnelle,Renault, partenaire historique du Festival de Cannes depuis 34 ans, se devait d’être au rendez-vous. Et le défi est relevé avec brio : avec une flotte inédite de 330 véhicules ornés de la célèbre Palme d’Or, Renault investira la Croisette pendant la quinzaine. 



Gabrielle The Quest of Freedom #InsideChanel #GabrielleChanel

In 2017, CHANEL celebrates Gabrielle. Karl Lagerfeld designed a handbag and named it in her honour, while, next fall, the House will launch a perfume called GABRIELLE CHANEL.

Gabrielle, the name that gives way to the nickname “Coco”, is at the heart of the CHANEL founder’s personality. In fact, the name borrowed from an archangel resonates with rebelliousness, freedom, passion and allure — four traits that governed Gabrielle Chanel’s life. Four values that today, more than ever, continue to inspire women everywhere and serve as synopses for four films featured on the Inside CHANEL site in 2017. Following the release of a first chapter dedicated to Gabrielle’s rebellious nature comes chapter 20: Gabrielle, The Quest for Freedom.

“If you’re born without wings, don’t do anything to stop them from growing.”





To conquer, to master, to love: that’s how Gabrielle Chanel defined liberty, her personal freedom. Refusing to depend on anyone, the designer founded her House alone, fought for its success and earned her liberty. Gabrielle placed work over all else: for her, it was the prerequisite for success and longevity. In rejecting diktats, she granted women freedom of movement and made supple, traditionally masculine materials such as jersey and tweed her signature. She would transform those emblems into symbols that surpassed codes and were mastered in every line, silhouette, marinière and suit. She did away with hats to reveal women’s hair and established a suntanned face as the sign of radiant beauty and independent femininity. A barrier-breaker, she defied tradition and launched her own perfume, N°5, a floral aldehyde composition that would invent modern perfumery and establish the codes of olfactory abstraction. To present it, she chose a bottle of radical purity with an octagonal stopper that reprised the shape of the Place Vendôme. Later, she would make high jewellery a favourite area of expression: a devotee of faux pearls and costume jewellery, she turned around and showered women with Bijoux de Diamants, a collection made of diamonds.
A preference for friendship over social striving made Gabrielle Chanel singular in her day: she loved without lies, with passion and honesty; worked for herself and succeeded on her own, and quite simply became herself. Rising above a predestined status, casting aside whatever chains and established rules hindered creativity, overturning convention, liberating the body and, moreover, the spirit to choose what she wanted to be: in mastering her own destiny, Gabrielle won her independence, the right she had seized on as a child and never relinquished to anyone. The kind that, today, women claim just as Gabrielle Chanel did in her time.

Like an open book about the House’s history and the personality of its founder, Inside CHANEL illustrates and brings to life a heritage that one always rediscovers anew. Every short film reveals a facet of Gabrielle Chanel or of Karl Lagerfeld’s vision, the better to lift the veil on the inspirations behind the House’s creations, decode a favourite symbol, retrace the origin of a perfume, shine with the sparkle of jewels, and decipher every one of CHANEL’s fundamentals to project it into the future. The episodes in Inside CHANEL are there to make your own. Browse as you like, freely, unfettered by the constraints of history. Gabrielle would have done the same.

2017: CHANEL celebrates GABRIELLE

In 2017 CHANEL celebrates Gabrielle,

the first name of its founder, better known as Coco Chanel.Karl Lagerfeld has dedicated a bag to her, CHANEL’s GABRIELLE that he created last October for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The House will also be launching a fragrance called GABRIELLE CHANEL in the autumn of 2017.

The first name Gabrielle, the one that made her a conqueror who transformed her rebellion into an art, defines her first and foremost. Throughout 2017 it will provide the inspiration for four films to be discovered and watched on the Inside CHANEL website, around the themes of rebellion, freedom, passion and allure, values that governed the life of Gabrielle Chanel, and that remain today an inspiration for all women.

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Nec Plus Ultra n°307

Some lightness would be great, but lightness does not mean frivolity, as we’ll see with the artist Elie Hirsch.
Graduated from Arts et Métiers in ceramic(s) and metal sculpture. He creates jewels. Just like his sculpted work, his jewels are contemporary, the line is pure, the object is light.

Ultra contemporary. He will exhibit in New York in May and in Venice in June.

We can find his work on his website : liehirsch.com 
and in the gallery Jean Marc Lelouch, 11 quai Voltaire à Paris.

Raphael Rinaldi




Let’s go to Milan,

to meet another designer, which also collects masterpieces.
Flower of the contemporary jeweller’s craft, the Vhernier house dazzles by its creations : gold, pink gold, coloured stones, enamel, wood, diamond. The designer Carlo Taglio offers each season some marvels that give a modern chic/style to the most classic wardrobe. The icing on the jewel, we’ve been able to discover and admire his incredible art collection.

à Paris Vhernier au 63 rue Saint Honoré Paris 75008 ; Tel 01 40 17 93 15

As there are stores all around the world, I invite you to visit his website.






Those little masterpieces whet our appetite. Then, we just dash to Jean François Piège, one of the most talented chef of his generation.
We don’t need to present the man that has the head in the stars, 8 in total, each time he is cooking in a restaurant, the stars wash over, be it at the Plaza Athénée, with Ducasse, at the Ambassadeurs of the hôtel Crillon, at the restaurant Thoumieux that he opened or his new place, Le Grand Restaurant.

We met him when he was still at Thoumieux.

Le Grand Restaurant 7 rue d'Aguesseau Paris 8ème ; Tel 01 53 05 00 00




On october the 18th,

we will visit one of the biggest factory in Europe, the one that build the ultimate in helicopters, the best of the world. We’ve been able to film the assembly of a private client’s helicopter. But we also saw the others.
And it can be useful to buy one of these toys or to find a job. Eurocoptère hires frequently, one never knows

 Tel 04 42 85 85 85 ou info@eurocoptere.com

On october the 19th,

we give pride of place to glamour with the shoes of Jean Michel Cazabat. He lives and works in New York, he produces in Italy and put shoes on the top ten of the rockstars. It’s almost normal, Jean Michel Cazabat only works with his heart. His creed, create shoes that make gazelle legs to their owner and that are comfortable whatever the height of the heel is.
Combine that with a passion for materials, the leathers that he gets hand-repainted, you have enough to dream.

I show you his latest collection that will be for sale next January on the website FARFETCH