[: en] Chef Andreas Moller wins a Michelin star [:]


After only a year at the head of the kitchens of the restaurant "Copenhagen", Andreas Møller gets a star in the Michelin Guide.

"Almost all chefs dream of one day winning a Michelin star. My dreams are not different. However, my ambition has always been to achieve this feat by my own merit and qualifications, starting from scratch, and not taking the continuation of an already starred table. I always thought that it would limit my creativity and force me to follow a direction previously mapped.

These are the words already a few years ago Chef Andreas Møller who today wins, as an achievement, his first star restaurant Copenhagen.

At only 35 years, the Chef has a unique course that allowed him to rub shoulders with the biggest names in Nordic gastronomy. After having taken his first steps at the restaurant Saison alongside Erwin Lauterbach, with whom he discovers a spontaneous and simplified approach of the kitchen by composing with seasonal products that it is to denature as little as possible, its meeting with Claus Meyer, during his stint at the Standard, finishes with this conviction: to propose a cuisine that respects and sublimates the product, keeping its purest expression to create a real emotion. Andreas Møller is at the head of two restaurants in Copenhagen, Møller Snaps & Smorrebrod, and Møller Kaffe Kokken, each serving iconic dishes of Danish culture.

The product is for Andreas Møller a real obsession in his kitchen that wants to be very natural. It is for him to extract the "substantive marrow", to deliver the purest expression. The main thing for the Danish chef is to preserve the product in its authenticity, to distort the least possible flavors that have all the more power than their rawness. As evidenced by its "Smoked Barley / Celery / Apple", already acclaimed by the finest gourmets. Here, celery expresses itself in a masterful way, all in contrast between the smoked side of La Barbue, and the tangy dimension of the apple. It is in this delicate balance that a balance of flavors and textures is played out which gives celery all its depth.

"You're never better than your last dish." If Chef Andreas Møller's cuisine is characterized by an insatiable quest for perfection, The Danish Chef does not forget what defines the essence of his cuisine: emotion. In his eyes, technicality and mastery are only the means leading the tasting to the emotion that alone must be the end of the design of a dish to create a real culinary experience. [:]

[: en] The Mark Hotel presents its two new "terrace" suites [:]


The Mark Hotel presents its two renovated Terrace Suites at 14ème Etage.
Re-decorated by the renowned Jacques Grange, the Suites offer chic, comfortable and luxurious spaces.

Suites of 3 or 5 rooms offering: Bathroom in black and white Italian marble, colorful and elegant dining room, chic and urban lounge, modern kitchen created by Piero Lissoni for Boffi and cozy room overlooking a terrace with stunning views of Central Park and Manhattan : an exceptional place to discover.


[: fr] The AfterWork Fauchon [:]



From Thursday 6 April 2017, FAUCHON launches its Afterwork:
The new regular meeting for a special moment of tasting.
It is at the 1e floor of the new shop FAUCHON, at 30 Place de la Madeleine, that the gastronomes will be able to discover the most beautiful products of the land and the sea as well as the tasty cocktail pieces made by the Chefs FAUCHON during a relaxing moment at the end of the day, unique and convivial.

From Monday to Friday, from 18h00 to 20h00, from Thursday 6 April 2017, guests will be delighted with an ideally designed menu offering three aperitif options to choose from for this gourmet afterwork.

The opportunity to discover or rediscover this new store transformed into a gourmet walk of 450m2 on two floors that sublimates the five worlds of the brand :
Gourmet, Cellar, Pastry, Tea and Confectionery-Chocolate. Parisians will also be sensitive to luxurious decoration imagined by Bruno Leroy who embodies quality,
the refinement and spirit of the brand, values ​​of the House since 1886.

30, Place de la Madeleine 75008 PARIS


[: fr] A nine-star dinner [:]


Yannick Alléno, Emmanuel Renaut and René Meilleur

It is on the heights of Megève, behind the scenes of the Hotel Flocons de Sel, that three great French chefs meet this Sunday 5 March 2017 to create an exceptional dinner.
Linked by their passion for cooking and the love of snow-capped peaks, Chef Emmanuel Renaut invited Yannick Alléno and René Meilleur chefs to share his talent and creativity for an improvised evening.

Nine stars, six hands, three visions, but a common denominator binds them: every day, they are the only chefs to offer a triple-star cuisine in high mountains.
Emmanuel Renaut at Flocons de Sel restaurant in Megève, Yannick Alléno at Le 1947 - Cheval Blanc Courchevel and finally René Meilleur at La Bouitte near Les Ménuires.

It is therefore natural that these three longtime friends gather this Sunday to celebrate the Mountain, during a moment full of emotion, sharing and conviviality in this unique setting that is the restaurant Flocons de Sel . Through a timeless cuisine, they will dare color, bitterness, acidity where they did not exist, making each dish original and surprising. [:]

[: en] Crafts, painting and Swiss palace - Nec Plus Ultra 359 [:]


Ready for a Zig Zag ballad on the planet of beauty and excellence?

First appointment, the last formier of Paris.

No hat without form. Every form, from the most classic to the most sophisticated, comes from a hand-carved wooden form, according to the model that the stylist draws.
From the court of England to Parisian haute couture podiums: Lorenzo Ré and his wife do wonders. You'll see. And if someone is looking for his professional voice, the formier job is a nice idea and is looking for apprentices.

What luck ! We met the gallerist Franck Prazan,

he talks to us about his job and about the second Ecole de Paris with passion. It's quite "sharp" as we say but so interesting. Those who know know the masterpieces from this school, the neophytes will discover with wonder the finest painting of the 50 years. Exceptional!

Last appointment of this issue of Nec plus Ultra, a palace in the mountains.

Visit the Alpina Gstaad, a dream at the top. It's true, there everything is luxury, calm and pleasure. Ultra comfort of today, very refined cuisine and very creative xxl spa, the bar offers very elegant surprises, view of the breathtaking mountains of Switzerland, swimming pool, works of art, I do not speak about the decor On purpose, you have to keep something for the surprise. In short all that can fill the most demanding host is in this hotel.

You want to see ?