[: en] House Poursin [:]


I present to you Karl LEMAIRE, for whom the word purchaser rhymes with savior.

He was born in Anger in April 1972. That day around his cradle there was probably a meeting of all the saints protecting the entrepreneurs, both Karl Lemaire and the entrepreneurial frenzy. He is the founder of AC - DIS, Patron of Maison Poursin.

In 2002, he creates with Maryse Couty, the mark of Maryse in Paris, house of interior perfume, made in France.

In 2003, the small low-pressure tin foundry specializing in small jewelery accessories dies in a small street in the district of Père Lachaise. The company is on the brink of bankruptcy. Admiring this meticulous knowledge and industrial excellence. Karl Lemaire, take the case and save it. Defending the cost of the French manufacture is the premise of Karl Lemaire, self-taught and passionate about luxury.

In 2012, Karl Lemaire saves the Belgian-based company Unifast-Daudet, which manufactures
small metal accessories. The company was created by G.Daudet, inventor of the carnation in
metal in 1828. 2016, the famous house Poursin, Parisian historical loop in the production of
Couplings, harness and luxury leatherwork is also dying, emptied of the ¾ of
his staff. Today, she lives again. Karl Lemaire even hired.
25 years after its establishment, the company AC-DIS, small business has become a group that
45 employees account and which generates (in 2017) a turnover of 5 million €.
If he wins his bet, the loop will be looped.

This story is developed in a report broadcast on FaceBook on the channel Nec plus

For those who are interested in crafts. The National Institute of Arts and Crafts - INMA

[: en] Jean Boggio, 30 years of creations [:]


Whether exulting precious stones or sublimating architecture, Jean BOGGIO's art inevitably provokes emotion. The great houses of the decorative arts appeal to him and that the achievements of all orders of Jean BOGGIO were thus produced by: Hermes, Haviland, Daum, Chopard, the Ritz - Paris, Baccarat, Saint Louis, the house Charles, the Enamels Longwy, Raynaud, the faience of Niderviller, the Portieux crystal factory, the heirs, Roux Marquiand, Air France, Porthault, the city of Lyon, the Lafayette galleries, the Tisserant house, Tassinari and Chatel, NeoDKO for a paper collection- painted or Pinton for tapestries ...

To discover on http://www.interencheres.com/fr/meubles-objets-art/jean-boggio-30-ans-de-creation-ie_v104774.html


[: en] Piaget Celebrates Valentine's Day at the Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris [:]


This year to celebrate Valentine's Day, Maison Piaget joins forces with the most elegant of Parisian palaces Le Royal Monceau Raffles-Paris to offer an unforgettable evening under the sign of love.

What could be better than a Parisian palace to showcase the "Palais de Charme", a unique goldsmith's know-how in Piaget?
To pay tribute to the most illustrious ambassador of Palace decor watches, Piaget has teamed up with the release of the "Jackie" film by Pablo Larrain and, in partnership with the Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris, offers an exclusive screening of the film in the Katara cinema 14 February next Valentine's Day. An offer open to all lovers of simple projection accompanied by a glass of champagne at the dinner and hotel package.

At the end of this exceptional evening at the Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris, each couple will be presented with a Yves Piaget rose which may allow them to win a Piaget Rose Lace bracelet in gold 18 carats, diamond and pink sapphire offered by the House Piaget.


[: en] Crafts, painting and Swiss palace - Nec Plus Ultra 359 [:]


Ready for a Zig Zag ballad on the planet of beauty and excellence?

First appointment, the last formier of Paris.

No hat without form. Every form, from the most classic to the most sophisticated, comes from a hand-carved wooden form, according to the model that the stylist draws.
From the court of England to Parisian haute couture podiums: Lorenzo Ré and his wife do wonders. You'll see. And if someone is looking for his professional voice, the formier job is a nice idea and is looking for apprentices.

What luck ! We met the gallerist Franck Prazan,

he talks to us about his job and about the second Ecole de Paris with passion. It's quite "sharp" as we say but so interesting. Those who know know the masterpieces from this school, the neophytes will discover with wonder the finest painting of the 50 years. Exceptional!

Last appointment of this issue of Nec plus Ultra, a palace in the mountains.

Visit the Alpina Gstaad, a dream at the top. It's true, there everything is luxury, calm and pleasure. Ultra comfort of today, very refined cuisine and very creative xxl spa, the bar offers very elegant surprises, view of the breathtaking mountains of Switzerland, swimming pool, works of art, I do not speak about the decor On purpose, you have to keep something for the surprise. In short all that can fill the most demanding host is in this hotel.

You want to see ?


[: fr] Birth of a perfume house: Jean-Michel Duriez [:]


The Star and the Butterfly

Enjoy, Jean Patou in the 2000 years, a few years later Eau de Rochas, plus some very nice stops, at Lacoste, Yohji Yamamoto, Escada and Dolce Gabana, these perfumes are the story of 30 years of professional life of the "nose" of exception, composer of perfumes that is Jean Michel DURIEZ.

He has just created his house, a home his perfumes, she creates dreams and subtle stories that smell wonderfully good. Jean Michel Duriez tells stories with words that awaken the imagination, he is a poet of perfume. His first shop is ephemeral, 39 passage Vivienne in Paris. His first perfume, Etoile and the butterfly, a story where the opposites attract and join and where everything is finally possible. It's love that wins. For this first creation, Jean Michel Duriez uses graffiti artist Noé Two to create the lacquered wooden box, a limited series of 168 boxes on 4m2 : each box is unique, the set is a work ephemeral and masterful, visible throughout the month of December.
In each box, a bottle in half moon, or rather, which forms a D, the first letter of Duriez, beautifully designed by Pierre Dinand. Elegant, the color of the perfume highlighted by the light makes you want to discover the fragrance: essence of Turkish rose, ylang, caledonian, cedar texan, patchouli, lichen accord.
An ode to elegance, femininity, intelligence. All this in a perfume? YES !

The box of Noe Teo

Jean-Michel Duriez and his partner Guillaume Auffret

39 passage Vivienne - Paris