[: en] Bakery "Aux deux frères" and palace in Dubai [:]


Discovery: A palace, a bit far, in Dubai, but worth seeing, if only to meet the director a French, and the chef, another French.

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Summer is a good time to learn and visit. In this program Nec plus Ultra this week, a recipe, that of the Tropézienne pie. Not so easy, but it's the worthy representative of the inventor of this delicious cake is the owner of the most famous pastry of Saint Tropez, the Two Brothers.

The 12, A little art.

Meeting with Cyrille André exhibiting until 14 September at the Galerie Pièce Unique, rue Jacques Calot in Paris. This artist deserves to spend time discovering his work.
He was born in 1972 at Tassin La Demie Lune.
His works are found in the best collections in the world. Every year since 2007 we have seen his monumental scultures in the prestigious Féria art fairs in Bologna, Miami and Dubai.
His approach: an economy of gesture to bring out the essentials of form and posture in monumental dimensions. He questions humanity, the content of human relations, social relations and violence developed by our society.
Its materials, wood, black resin and cast aluminum.

Her monumental work is her, exudes strength and serenity. It's strong and beautiful!

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