Nec Plus Ultra n°307

Some lightness would be great, but lightness does not mean frivolity, as we’ll see with the artist Elie Hirsch.
Graduated from Arts et Métiers in ceramic(s) and metal sculpture. He creates jewels. Just like his sculpted work, his jewels are contemporary, the line is pure, the object is light.

Ultra contemporary. He will exhibit in New York in May and in Venice in June.

We can find his work on his website : 
and in the gallery Jean Marc Lelouch, 11 quai Voltaire à Paris.

Raphael Rinaldi




Let’s go to Milan,

to meet another designer, which also collects masterpieces.
Flower of the contemporary jeweller’s craft, the Vhernier house dazzles by its creations : gold, pink gold, coloured stones, enamel, wood, diamond. The designer Carlo Taglio offers each season some marvels that give a modern chic/style to the most classic wardrobe. The icing on the jewel, we’ve been able to discover and admire his incredible art collection.

à Paris Vhernier au 63 rue Saint Honoré Paris 75008 ; Tel 01 40 17 93 15

As there are stores all around the world, I invite you to visit his website.






Those little masterpieces whet our appetite. Then, we just dash to Jean François Piège, one of the most talented chef of his generation.
We don’t need to present the man that has the head in the stars, 8 in total, each time he is cooking in a restaurant, the stars wash over, be it at the Plaza Athénée, with Ducasse, at the Ambassadeurs of the hôtel Crillon, at the restaurant Thoumieux that he opened or his new place, Le Grand Restaurant.

We met him when he was still at Thoumieux.

Le Grand Restaurant 7 rue d'Aguesseau Paris 8ème ; Tel 01 53 05 00 00




On october the 18th,

we will visit one of the biggest factory in Europe, the one that build the ultimate in helicopters, the best of the world. We’ve been able to film the assembly of a private client’s helicopter. But we also saw the others.
And it can be useful to buy one of these toys or to find a job. Eurocoptère hires frequently, one never knows

 Tel 04 42 85 85 85 ou

On october the 19th,

we give pride of place to glamour with the shoes of Jean Michel Cazabat. He lives and works in New York, he produces in Italy and put shoes on the top ten of the rockstars. It’s almost normal, Jean Michel Cazabat only works with his heart. His creed, create shoes that make gazelle legs to their owner and that are comfortable whatever the height of the heel is.
Combine that with a passion for materials, the leathers that he gets hand-repainted, you have enough to dream.

I show you his latest collection that will be for sale next January on the website FARFETCH