[: en] Tailored care: The selection of Nec plus Ultra [:]

[Fr]Because the skin is no longer just normal, oily, or dry but different every day, every season, according to our lifestyle or a time of the year, or even the day, tailor-made care is the new way to consider cosmetics.

Personalization and tailor-made are definitely the new luxury: sneakers at Nike, initials on bags or luggage, men's shirts at Charvet, iconic Vanessa Bruno's tote, ... brands have understood how to make the consumer feel unique. offering bespoke versions of their products. But if it is indeed an area where the tailor-made takes all its meaning and all its usefulness, it is the cosmetics. Not one skin is like another skin and each skin itself varies from one day to another, from one period to another and according to different issues. The skin reflects not only our soul but our emotions, our way of life, our health concerns, our age, our environment, or our level of stress. She reacts to all this with very visible signs: dull complexion, pimples, dark circles, shine, dryness, wrinkles, redness, etc ... It then becomes a little complicated to choose one of the many care that brands offer us and which address too broad a spectrum. Where to turn, what to buy in winter when you have dehydrated skin, less firm and live in urban areas?

Nec Plus Ultra offers its selection of these new treatments, duly tested and approved.

Apot.Care: pure serums

10 "pure sera" corresponding to 10 active highly concentrated and protected in their individual bottle. Each serum can be used alone or in combination with other 2 maximum. To find the ones your skin needs at a moment T, just fill out a questionnaire on the brand's website. The combination of the sera is made at the last moment in the palm of the hand to ensure the effectiveness and stability of the assets. Each active ingredient can be used in serum or as a booster, mixed with a cream, a mask or a foundation.

Apot.Care is cruelty free, made in France, paraben free, fragrance free.

Bottle of 10ml - 29 euros - www.apotcare.com

Ioma: My In.Lab Cream

A pioneer of personalized cosmetics, after the bespoke Ritual Jeunesse Coffret and its different 864 formulas, Ioma launches My Cream with 40257 possible formulas, realized by a consultant of the brand in less than a minute. Composed of a base (day cream or night cream, as desired) and 5 serums differently dosed according to the client, Ma Crème is an exceptional concentration of active ingredients that act in synergy to meet the needs at time I, at the moment M, at diagnosis D of the client. Unisex and multiethnic, My Cream adapts to all types of even sensitive skin.

Bottle of 30ml or 50ml - from 89 euros - www.ioma-paris.com

Eponyma: My Day Cream

A newcomer to the tailor-made cosmetics market, Eponyma offers a unique treatment, resulting from online profiling and offering more than 15000 possible combinations. Key ingredients include Canadian birchbark extract, natural biopolymers, red clover extract, edelweiss extract, and marine water with dwarf extracts. red algae. Best of all, at the end of the questionnaire you can enter your first name and the name of your formula for a truly ultra personalized treatment.

Flake of 50ml - from 76 euros - www.eponyma.com

Laboté: the cure of masks

Founded by Lucile Battail, Laboté is a brand of botanical cosmetics made on demand by pharmacy doctors in the laboratory located at 11 rue Madame. Fully glazed, the laboratory can assist if you order on site to develop its personalized care. Neither parabens, nor silicones nor preservatives listed go into the recipe Laboté care to make room for the best of the pharmacopoeia. The 4 masks are offered as a cure of 3 months, at a rate of one per week. Each mask consists of clay and medicinal plant extracts and is in the form of a large capsule of product to mix at home with a little water. The mask thus obtained is applied in thick layer and is allowed to pose 15 minutes.

The cure of 3 months - 30 euros - www.labote.com

Carita: The Precis

Carita offers focused 4 concentrates that contain concentrated core assets for optimal efficiency. Marine Glycopolymer for Lift Concentrate, Hyaluronic Acid for Hydro-Plumping Concentrate, 10% Vitamin C for Radiance Revitalizing Concentrate and AHA for Anti-Blemish Concentrate. They are used alone or combined to treat a punctual need or cure for an installed problem, or only on well-defined parts of the face. The format is nomadic to be easily transported and used at any time

Bottle of 15ml - 49,50 euros - www.carita.fr

Judith Girard-Marczak


[: en] The Sun [:]


Your skin will love the sun!

Finally the summer and the moments of which one dreams during the year, the rendezvous sun and its benefits. But also his misdeeds.

The benefits

Sunlight is good for morale. UVB allows the body to synthesize vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for the fixation of calcium and phosphorus, it promotes growth in children and prevents osteoporosis in more than 50 years.

This sunlight controls the functioning of the body: sleep / wake - temperature - Hormones - memory via serotonin, serotonin is a neurotransmitter that manages: mood, sleep, appetite.
The light heals some skin problems: psoriasis, eczema, acne. All these benefits are granted by Mr. Sun under certain conditions:

1 - Never drink in the sun (neither before, nor during, nor after the exposure.) The alccol passes in the blood which regenerates the skin, therefore very bad.
2 - Effective exposure between 8h and 12h and between 16 / 17h.
3- It is better to expose oneself in the shade, the reverberation of the solar rays is less brutal and less harmful for the skin.

The mischiefs

The spokes A and B cause:

1 - more or less serious burns (sunburn).
2 - Aging skin (wrinkles and relaxations).
3 - Pigmentation spots.
4 - Solar urticaria.
5 - Skin cancer.

Difficult to enjoy the pleasures that provide exhibitions to the sun god and avoid its very bad effects.

Nec plus Ultra met two specialists for an effective solar instructions:

Dr. Michèle Verschoore, dermatologist in Paris.
She advises, no sun between 11h and 16 h.

Here are the products she advises:

For children under 3 years

For adults

For spots on the face: Melanoma, pregnancy mask

LA ROCHE-POSAY - ANTHELIOS - SPF 50 Extreme Daylong Stick

The beauty comes from the inside, it's the creed the Muriel Servais, psycho - dietician.

She is interested in the formation of melamine (generic name of the biological pigment). The role of melamine is to protect the DNA of skin cells from the sun's rays, especially ultraviolet rays.

The key elements of the synthesis:

Tyrosine, and cysteine. They are found in eggs and sprouted seeds.

Important, anti-oxidants : Vitamin C found in fruits such as Blackcurrant / Strawberries / Parsley / Cabbages / Watercress / Lemon.

Melatonin for sleep
Vitamin A / beta carotene : Egg yolk / Sardines / Herring / Salmon / Walnuts / Hazelnuts.

Pro vitamin A : Carrots / Mash / Parsley / Chives / Beets / Artichokes / Tomatoes / Apricots / Peaches / Pineapple / Melon / Plums.

Vitamin E in coconut / olive oil

S found in Brazil Nuts / Tuna / Herring / Sardines / Oilseeds

Everything is in sprouts, raw orange and green fruits and vegetables.
And above all, we avoid tobacco and especially alcohol.

Nice summer, good holidays, good sun!


[: en] DETOX, getting back to health [:]


Muriel Servais

Muriel Servais is a psycho dietician and a fan of Chinese dietetics. For a detox cure to be effective, it must last 21 days. This is the time it takes the cell to get rid of toxins and regenerate, she explains. You have to take your time, use seasonal products in the colors of the season, green.

In Chinese medicine, green is the liver and gall bladder, spring renewal. Acid green stimulates bile functions (sorrel, spinach, cucumber, kiwi, granny smith, watercress ...) bitter green drains (artichoke, arugula, dandelion, beans ...). Between the holidays of the Western New Year and the Chinese New Year, the 16 February 2018, which corresponds to the first day of the new February moon, there is time to take care of yourself without being frustrated by depriving oneself on days. We get rid of the excesses of the Eve dinner and we synchronize with the change of season.

To begin, you have to clean the liver

For three days, apple juice bio or homemade at will.

The fourth day, 100 milliliters of olive oil on an empty stomach (10 tablespoons)

Some tips to succeed in detox:

So that the body draws in its reserves must pass 14 hours between dinner (to take before 19H) and breakfast.

Drink 1 liter of water very weakly mineralized. It is marked on the label: dry residues at 180 in detox it must be lower than 50; Mont Roucous - Crystalline - Vosgia - Volvic. A secret, we heat a little water so that it is at body temperature, to drink ideally between meals to allow kidney functions to do their job.

No dairy products or cheese of animal origin.

No alcohol or sugar.

Think of algae, green olives, aromatic herbs (parsley, chervil, tarragon, chives).

For cooking: olive oil.

For the salad: nut oil or rapeseed oil.

Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

Turmeric can be added with black pepper.

Everything must be Bio!

References: read the chapter on Dr. Seignalet's diet: Diet or third medicine.

Ideal menus


The morning : A green juice, cucumber, granny apple, celery, green cabbage. A handful of sprouted seeds.

Noon : 1 salad vegetables, green peppers, zucchini (raw), Jerusalem artichokes, a handful of sprouts: beans, beans, peas.

PROTEINS: Chicken, egg, tofu.
Dessert, a green fruit, 3h after the meal.

The dinner: before 19h, a soup of green vegetables with a handful of sprouts and a starch. [:]

[: en] Detox Recipes [:]


Green drink

In the morning instead of coffee or in the evening instead of champagne.

1 Cucumber
2 sprigs of parsley
2 sprigs of chervil
1 celery branch
1 granny smith apple

Pass all the ingredients to the juice extractor.

Serve chilled in a nice glass.

Decorate with a celery leaf and a sprig of chervil.

Avocado with chervil

1 ripe avocado
1 branch of chervil
1 beautiful pinch of sprouted seeds
1 tablespoon of olive oil
The juice of half a lemon
1 ½ pinch of salt
1 pinch of black pepper.

(we can replace chervil with chives)

Peel the avocado, and discard (or plant the kernel).

Cut it in.

Add the chervil or chives.

Season with both oils and the ciron juice.

Salt, pepper. Mix, and add the sprouted seeds.


100 g of arugula or lamb's lettuce
A small handful of sprouted seeds.
Some green olives.
2 spoons with entremet of olive oil.
Some carvings of chervil.
1 teaspoon of rapeseed oil.
½ lemon.
Salt and pepper.

Wash the salad, drain there, put there in a salad bowl.

Prepare the sauce.Add olives, chervil.

Mix and sprinkle with sprouted seeds.

Rice nuanced with green

150 g of whole rice.
50 g peas.
50 g of beans.
1 large pinch of seed sprouted.
1 ½ tablespoon of olive oil.
1 teaspoon of rapeseed oil.
Salt and pepper.

Cook the rice as indicated on the bag.

Cook the peas in boiling water for 15 mn, keep them crisp.

Blanch the beans and remove the small skin.

Drain the rice and put it in a dish.

Add the beans and peas.

Add the olive oil and the spoon of rapeseed oil.

Salt, pepper. Mix.

Add the sprouts. Enjoy. [:]

[: fr] Birth of a perfume house: Jean-Michel Duriez [:]


The Star and the Butterfly

Enjoy, Jean Patou in the 2000 years, a few years later Eau de Rochas, plus some very nice stops, at Lacoste, Yohji Yamamoto, Escada and Dolce Gabana, these perfumes are the story of 30 years of professional life of the "nose" of exception, composer of perfumes that is Jean Michel DURIEZ.

He has just created his house, a home his perfumes, she creates dreams and subtle stories that smell wonderfully good. Jean Michel Duriez tells stories with words that awaken the imagination, he is a poet of perfume. His first shop is ephemeral, 39 passage Vivienne in Paris. His first perfume, Etoile and the butterfly, a story where the opposites attract and join and where everything is finally possible. It's love that wins. For this first creation, Jean Michel Duriez uses graffiti artist Noé Two to create the lacquered wooden box, a limited series of 168 boxes on 4m2 : each box is unique, the set is a work ephemeral and masterful, visible throughout the month of December.
In each box, a bottle in half moon, or rather, which forms a D, the first letter of Duriez, beautifully designed by Pierre Dinand. Elegant, the color of the perfume highlighted by the light makes you want to discover the fragrance: essence of Turkish rose, ylang, caledonian, cedar texan, patchouli, lichen accord.
An ode to elegance, femininity, intelligence. All this in a perfume? YES !

The box of Noe Teo

Jean-Michel Duriez and his partner Guillaume Auffret

39 passage Vivienne - Paris