My essentials of the summer

Finally, the holidays, the sea, the sun, the beach friends, the dinners the discoveries in short the dolce vita.
For some people, some shorts, a t-shirt, a shirt and a pair of flip flops are enough, to the chagrin of my husband, not me ... So at least two suitcases for two weeks: you have to think about everything, outings, trips, dinners with friends there are elegant places, others more simple, no matter I take everything I want to wear with the firm intention to put each model.
The reflection for the choice in front of the cupboard is a great moment of joy. New purchases, but also what I like to wear and carry from season to season are my essentials of the summer!

Happy holidays, we meet again in September!
Marie Ange Horlaville

Exclusive: When KARL LAGERFELD tells his meeting with COCO CHANEL.

Nec plus Ultra pays homage to Karl Lagarfeld

In 2003, the Bon Marché dedicates a magnificent exhibition to the couturier- photographer - bookseller KARL LAGERFELD.

There were portraits of the man in the catogan throughout the store, silhouettes, drawings, clothes, photos of the master. Great preview heectrisé by the presence of star designer.

Surrounded by his team, KARL LAGERFELD distributed smiles, some funny words and kisses (I had mine). He spoke in 4 languages ​​at once (French, English, Italian, German) such as after the parades or international journalists were fighting to approach him. It amused him a lot. I enjoyed every piece of this exhibition that said a lot about the personality of this fascinating man, what curiosity, what energy, what culture, what elegance of heart. I thought I had seen everything from this exhibition when I discovered in an almost hidden corner a helmet auGod on a small pedestalbelow a representative drawing COCO CHANEL and KARL, Côte to côyou. I have listening. KARL a imaginé and writes a conversation with COCO CHANEL. A marvel of humor, daring, causticity, emotion. All KARL!

I wanted to put this text in image. It needed the authorization of the Bon Marché, I got it. Karl's, he gave it to me as well as permission to use his drawings if I also had permission from JEANNE MOREAU who à loan his voice at COCO CHANEL, granted.

The drawings were filmed, the extracts chose, theodre set up. The talent of Julien Grappe, monteur exceptionally talented a give to this meet a particular emotion.

It would be a shame if this video sleeps lINA. So here it is...

Thanks to Bon Marché.

Thanks to the INA

[: en] Haute couture Fall Winter 2018-2019 [:]


Haute Couture, this French exception that makes the world dream and all women who love beauty and life gives material to move into an imaginary existence for some and very real for others. Let's dream about the ideal wardrobe for this season.


[: en] Eric Bergère [:]


For me, Eric Bergère means: fashion designer, talent, daring, sobriety, soft look, casual elegance, joyful, aesthetic, sensitivity. Hermes, Smalto, Ines de la Fressange, his own fashion house in the 1990 - 2000 years and many others including today DOU BOCHI (in French Mas du Fou) in Arles 16, rue Reatte - Tel 09 82 31 07 60.

What I like about Eric Bergère is: his demand for elegance, timelessness, quality, his sober glamor, his style archi desirable, these dresses colors of the sky or the sun, the sense of beauty that guides his work, his clean cuts, his noble materials, his passion for the south and the cats, his humor, his elegance of modern dandy.

He gives chic to everything he touches, cuts and sews.

I love her ponchos and plaids of virgin wool and even more her dresses of ultra feminine linen which flow on the body, the coats of freshness and pretty colors, far from the diktats simply beautiful, made in France.
Recently invited to Japan a big dinner was given in his honor.


[: en] Father's Day 2018 [:]


My Star to Me

Wherever he comes from, whatever he does, whatever he is, he is the most beautiful, the greatest, the strongest, the most intelligent, the most intelligent. It's the hero even if he does not know how to do judo, my support, my idol, my star to me. My dad.
Small selection to find the star gifts.

House F Paris

Magnetic Bow Tie
134 euros

It is beautiful my bike

Larousse book
9,95 €

House Poursin

A belt buckle with the initials

35 Street of Vinaigriers - 75010 Paris / 01 46 07 17 07

Ravn House

An iPhone case has its lucky number or its initials

31 Georges Mandel avenue - 75016 Paris /

Daniel Levy

A tailored shirt

3 rue du Cirque - 75008 Paris /


A beautiful pair of gloves

12 street of Castiglione 75001 Paris / 01 49 26 91 43


Snickers, yes, but Hermes

24 street Faubourg Saint-Honoré - 75008 Paris

Little H (Hermès)

A leather keychain

24 rue de Sèvres - 75006 Paris

Gab and Jo

A mustache comb

28 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris

Soft Cotton

A fun shirt to change it from the classic / 01 40 27 03 33

Georges Larnicol House

For gourmet and sporty daddy, Chocolate balloon

Odeon 01 43 26 39 38 / Rivoli Street 01 42 71 20 51 / Montmartre 01 42 58 50 96

Roland Garros

For sports dad

Roland Garros Online Shop:


Very nice loafers

45 avenue Montaigne - 75008 Paris

Arthus Bertrand

A talisman ring or its initials by Nicolas Ouchenir

6, rue Royale 75001- Paris or

Water bath

A picnic basket

59, Bd Raspail - Paris

By going to Bon Marché

At the Atelier du Soulier dad's sneakers are made to personalize


[: en] 2018 Mother's Day [:]


This year 2018, Mother's Day is celebrated on Sunday 27 May. It's just to find the
present up to the tribute to him. What is more normal that once in the year the mothers are honored like queens, that they have the right to all the honors, honors which must translate the love which one carries to him, it is sometimes difficult to the tell him, let's take this day to prove it to him.

Small selection:


Little cushion think beast
20 €

8 rue Clément Marot 75008 - Tel: 01 47 20 60 26

Vauclair Gallery

Plates by Jérome Massier
Ceramics of Vallauris 1880

24, rue de Baune 75007 Paris / Paul Bert market, Alley 6-Stand 79 St Ouen

Salavatore Ferragamo

A bag like the stars

Philippe ferrandis

346, rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris


It is worth and deserves more than any other person in the world, a lunch or dinner in the new restaurant Petrossian: All caviar.
Petrossian put all his love of the product in his new restaurant.

13 Boulevard La Tour-Maubourg, in front of the historic shop 7ème arrondissement.


A beautiful book at Bon Marché


Crystal jewelry from Baccarat

11 places the United States 75016 Paris

Nazca Line

Gold and diamond earrings
3440 €

Lydia Courteille 231 Street Fg, St Honoré 75001 Paris

Mr. Micaleff

A candle of 3 wicks in a nice pot (90 e.) Or the last homemade perfume

on the Internet

Sylvie Corbelin

Tell him that you think of her all the time with this ring: Gold, tourmaline, diamonds

Serpette Market - 80, rue des Rosiers, Saint Ouen

Family house

Pretty cards for family photos

29, rue Saint Sulpice - Paris 6

The Past of Today

43 rue du Cherche Midi

Water bath

58 street of Paris 7 University and 59 Bd Raspail Paris 6

Eric Bergère

Kaftan revisited by Eric Bergère, sublime for the summer

DOU BOCHI 16 street REATTU - Arles sur Saone

Kerry Gallery

Earrings, turquoise and gold or tiger's eye and gold
Happy Birthday Mom

Kerry Gallery - 18, rue de Lille - 75007


Lanvin 15 / 22 rue du Fer Saint Honore 75001
(Ask Sylvain Ruffier)

The Chocolate Factory

For gourmet moms: Chocolate surprises, or chocolates without sugar and gluten

100 avenue Niel 75017