Mabonneamie, the 10 years of a visionary concept in fashion

The month of June is the month of weddings and parties, how to dress without breaking the bank and wearing the same outfit. We love the concept of renting brand dresses from Mabonneamie. discovery or rediscovery.

Professional appointment, opening, cocktail, evening, gala, wedding ... the life of women is marked by many events in which the style is of considerable importance.
And for good reason: the first impression produced will permanently mark the memories. American researchers have shown that it lasts more than a month after the first meeting, even if it took only a few minutes to form an opinion on the person.
Beyond the judgment of others, wearing THE perfect dress for an event also means gaining self-confidence, ease and assertive femininity.

"When you feel good in a garment, anything can happen. A good garment is a passport to happiness "said Yves Saint-Laurent ...

Since 10 years, Axelle Bonamy, the founder of this new way of consuming fashion, offers to rent more 500 evening dresses and accessories from the biggest brands (Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Ungaro, Paule Ka, Jay Ahr ... ).
Thanks to her expert advice and her caring approach, more than 10 000 women from 20 to 70 years have found the ideal outfit to shine and sublimate their femininity, while saving valuable time.

Zoom on this new mode of consumption
In 2009, Mabonneamie was the 1er rental service for designer evening dresses and luxury accessories in France!
By offering a wide selection of designer dresses, Axelle Bonamy has become a pioneer and has paved the way for this new mode of consumption.
She had already anticipated a change in our habits: do we really need to own a dress, as beautiful as it is, that we will only wear once? Today with the rise of environmental issues, we realize the relevance of this model and this makes the concept of mabonneamie particularly economic, ecological and definitely contemporary.
An expert eye and benevolent to dress all women

What dress to wear for a vernissage, a wedding, an evening or a strategic professional meeting? How to value your figure for style and gain self-confidence on special occasions?
Thanks to its perfect knowledge of the morphology and psychology of women, Axelle Bonamy offers them since 10 years a tailor-made service via its showroom in Paris and the Mabonneamie website.

She emphasizes:
"Mabonneamie offers more than renting dresses and luxury accessories! Above all, it is a positive and rewarding state of mind: we want to guarantee women that they will feel safe in all the important moments of their lives. And for that, we simplify their daily life by offering them excellence. "

More from 500 pieces of great creators
The biggest names in fashion are present on Mabonneamie: Alexandre Vauthier, Azzaro, Cavalli, Chanel, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Courreges, Elie Saab, Escada, Givenchy, Helen Zubeldia, Iro, Jay Ahr, Jil Sander, John Galliano, Lanvin, Rabih Kairouz, Muveil, Nina Ricci, Pallas, Paule Ka, Ralph Lauren, Sonia Rykiel, Swarovski, Sylvia Toledano, Ungaro, Vanessa Seward, Vintage, Véronique Leroy, Yves Saint Laurent ...
With, as a bonus, the advice of Axelle and his team to make the right choice.

[: en] Gift ideas 2018 [:]

[: fr] Re-voila Noel. A celebration of joy, love, exchange, hope and generosity. It is also and especially the moment of the Truce of Christmas, this exceptional moment born during the war of 1914. This is the famous magic of

Noel where we stop all violence and hate movement instead we sing together, we dine together, we dream of peace, of hot

Family reunions and we think of gifts big or small.

In this regard I propose some ideas gleaned everywhere and especially where it is beautiful and original.

Every day some new ideas.

PS: You can also ask for or find the object of your dreams, we will find the address.

Good shopping.

Sidonie Larizzi

15 rue Clément Marot 75008


9 Place of the Madeleine 75008



18 Vero Dodat Gallery

Ralph Tech

XP 9 jeweler, rue ST Honoré in Paris 1 / Chrono: 3, rue Perrault in Paris 11
1 500 to 4 500 euros

Jean Boggio

Goldsmith-jeweler 26 Gallery of Chartres

The cheap

24, rue de Sèvres in Paris

Ideas spring up at every corner and every floor, everything is new, interesting and quality. Whatever the object, it will always be nice. Prices, from the most affordable to the most ... more ... more ...

Guy Savoy

11 quai Conti, Paris

Gifts of exception, there are pretty ideas at Guy Savoy, gift boxes and books to make life better.

Galignani Bookstore

224 rue de Rivoli - Paris 1
It is always a pleasure to receive a beautiful book

Nine, by Francesca Benvenuti

She creates in fabrics of dreams: ponchos, shawl, blouses, sarongs

From 150 to 210 € panchos, 110 € shawls

13, King's street from Rome to Ajaccio

At Phillippe FERRANDIS

30 rue Bonaparte Paris 75006

a choice of elegant gifts, refined unique jewelry pieces


71 avenue Mozart in Paris - 01 42 88 20 20

The arts of the table in majesty and at all prices, but always pretty

Watch Bracelet Watch

25, Dragon Street, 75006 and 11 rue des Rosiers, 75004

Some original ideas of small leather goods, pretty leathers, good practical and aesthetic ideas

The jewels of SONI PONI

10 Dragon Street 75006 / 06 10 10 23 67

We love it and in addition it makes a price to which comes from NEC plus ULTRA


We rush to Montaigne Market to offer or afford the latest glasses of the young brand Tseegan

8 Matignon Avenue 75008

Made in Paris

A lovely shop that offers some very pretty idea of ​​deco gifts

69, La Fontaine Street 75016

Catherine marin

To offer or afford an exceptional care
From 80 to 220 €

9, Mulhouse Street 75002 / 06 24 10 10 91

My Big Bang

Customized coaching, good gifts on

PINTO Decorative Cabinet

11 Aboukir Street 75002 / 01 40 13 00 00

Selection of precious objects

Season's Beatings

We must think of the log. Small selection:


[: en] Le Meurice voted "Best artistic universe of hotel in Europe" by the Prix Villégiature Awards [:]


Since 2003, the Prix Villégiature Awards rewards the finest hotels in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia with a jury composed of 23 major press journalists
International. This year, Le Meurice distinguishes itself by obtaining the prize for "Best Hotel Art in Europe".

First Parisian palace since 1835, located in the heart of historical Paris, rue de Rivoli, Le Meurice is the embodiment of a peaceful elegance, the art of living par excellence, enlivened by the magic and the souls of artists who have makes his heritage. The Meurice is an inspiring and fascinating place where the splendor of the 18th century reigns side by side with modern comfort.
With a strong cultural and artistic heritage thanks to the many artists who frequented the hotel over time and time, Le Meurice maintains a special attachment to the world of arts. Dali, Picasso, Starck ... everyone left a legacy that revealed the artistic soul of the palace. Through the works scattered throughout the hotel, guests immerse themselves in a singular universe; between the frosted mirror by Philippe Stark, the Iberian Cube created by Fausto Salvi, the huge canvas of the restaurant Le Dàli by Ara Stark, through the Lavalley frescoes of the bar 228, enter the world so particular of the Meurice.

This cultural imprint has also been enriched by the creation of the Meurice Prize for contemporary art in 2008. A sponsorship project rewarding an emerging artist on the international scene as well as the gallery that represents it. Moreover, you will find, installed at the entrance of the restaurant Le Dàli, two Greek columns embracing each other, a representation of the past and the future hugging, it is the "Kiss", a unique creation by Zoulikha Bouabdellah , winner of the first edition of the Prix Meurice.

Last October, at the 11e edition of the Meurice Prize for Contemporary Art 11 / 2018, Anna Solal and Galerie New Galerie were voted by the jury thanks to the bold project of the artist who should see the day in 2019.

Beyond a luxurious establishment, it is an art gallery, an adventure, a living work. The Meurice voted "Best artistic universe of hotel in Europe" by the Prix Villégiature Awards.



[: en] On Monday 1er October 2018, the PAD London 2018 Awards Jury, co-chaired by Yana Peel and Francis Sultana, met at Berkeley Square to select the winners of the "Contemporary Design" categories, '' Decorative Arts of the XXth century '' and '' Best stand ''.

Etienne Moyat Arabesque, 2017 Wood STAND B12 panel

Ron Arad
This Mortal Coil, 1993
Freestanding spiral bookshelf, 228,5 x 212 x 33 STAND C17



[: en] House Poursin [:]


I present to you Karl LEMAIRE, for whom the word purchaser rhymes with savior.

He was born in Anger in April 1972. That day around his cradle there was probably a meeting of all the saints protecting the entrepreneurs, both Karl Lemaire and the entrepreneurial frenzy. He is the founder of AC - DIS, Patron of Maison Poursin.

In 2002, he creates with Maryse Couty, the mark of Maryse in Paris, house of interior perfume, made in France.

In 2003, the small low-pressure tin foundry specializing in small jewelery accessories dies in a small street in the district of Père Lachaise. The company is on the brink of bankruptcy. Admiring this meticulous knowledge and industrial excellence. Karl Lemaire, take the case and save it. Defending the cost of the French manufacture is the premise of Karl Lemaire, self-taught and passionate about luxury.

In 2012, Karl Lemaire saves the Belgian-based company Unifast-Daudet, which manufactures
small metal accessories. The company was created by G.Daudet, inventor of the carnation in
metal in 1828. 2016, the famous house Poursin, Parisian historical loop in the production of
Couplings, harness and luxury leatherwork is also dying, emptied of the ¾ of
his staff. Today, she lives again. Karl Lemaire even hired.
25 years after its establishment, the company AC-DIS, small business has become a group that
45 employees account and which generates (in 2017) a turnover of 5 million €.
If he wins his bet, the loop will be looped.

This story is developed in a report broadcast on FaceBook on the channel Nec plus

For those who are interested in crafts. The National Institute of Arts and Crafts - INMA[:]

[: en] Father's Day 2018 [:]


My Star to Me

Wherever he comes from, whatever he does, whatever he is, he is the most beautiful, the greatest, the strongest, the most intelligent, the most intelligent. It's the hero even if he does not know how to do judo, my support, my idol, my star to me. My dad.
Small selection to find the star gifts.

House F Paris

Magnetic Bow Tie
134 euros

It is beautiful my bike

Larousse book
9,95 €

House Poursin

A belt buckle with the initials

35 Street of Vinaigriers - 75010 Paris / 01 46 07 17 07

Ravn House

An iPhone case has its lucky number or its initials

31 Georges Mandel avenue - 75016 Paris /

Daniel Levy

A tailored shirt

3 rue du Cirque - 75008 Paris /


A beautiful pair of gloves

12 street of Castiglione 75001 Paris / 01 49 26 91 43


Snickers, yes, but Hermes

24 street Faubourg Saint-Honoré - 75008 Paris

Little H (Hermès)

A leather keychain

24 rue de Sèvres - 75006 Paris

Gab and Jo

A mustache comb

28 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris

Soft Cotton

A fun shirt to change it from the classic / 01 40 27 03 33

Georges Larnicol House

For gourmet and sporty daddy, Chocolate balloon

Odeon 01 43 26 39 38 / Rivoli Street 01 42 71 20 51 / Montmartre 01 42 58 50 96

Roland Garros

For sports dad

Roland Garros Online Shop:


Very nice loafers

45 avenue Montaigne - 75008 Paris

Arthus Bertrand

A talisman ring or its initials by Nicolas Ouchenir

6, rue Royale 75001- Paris or

Water bath

A picnic basket

59, Bd Raspail - Paris

By going to Bon Marché

At the Atelier du Soulier dad's sneakers are made to personalize