Catherine Marin: The secret of a beautiful skin

The cabinet is 9, rue de Mulhouse in Paris in the 2ème arrondissement. The environment is quite noisy, there is a heavy wooden door, but soon closed the calm of the small courtyard that must be crossed
to get to Catherine Marin already puts you in condition, coolife. The time will stop 1h30 and we will leave fresh, relaxed with a radiant complexion.

At first you must undress and stay in panties. Catherine examines you from head to toe. The body and its postures have no secret for it. She is a podiatrist and followed with passion and
interest all the course of Chinese medicine: light overweight, scoliosis, asymmetry of standing posture, etc., nothing escapes him. Then she makes you lie down on the table, put on socks and cover you with a blanket. It's nice out. A light musical background lulls you as it stretches your lower legs and massages your feet. For the moment, nothing to do with the complexion? Yes, exactly.
While cleaning the skin of the face and décolleté with a depolluting gel reducing pores to penetrate the antioxidant and moisturizing serums, it explains you that the epidermis is the black box of the body, to treat the face requires d maintain the physiology of the body that impacts the imperfections of the epidermis. A mask follows. She uses SKICEUTICALS anti-aging products. Pose the mask then comes the moment almost magical massage. Zone by zone, his hands touch the forehead, the cheeks, the neck, the cleavage, then they begin again by pinching slightly, his fine fingers penetrate the products with quick gestures of little palpated rolled. We close our eyes we let go, we're good. If need a little pressotherapy to find light legs, a little massage and body acupuncture to optimize the effects on the face. Rest a few minutes.

We get dressed, we take tea (bio) we look at ourselves in the mirror. The skin is clear, the complexion glowing. We maintain at home thanks to the advice that Catherine puts in writing, like a prescription, so that the care persists in the time. We come out without the need to remix. Effective.