Valentine's Day, last minute gifts ...

Valentine's Day my favorite holiday, that of lovers. She falls every year on 14 February. This February 14 269 is however a fatal date, it is the anniversary date of the martyr and the decapitation of Valentine. Unjust punishment to him who converted to Christianity a young Roman and his family and who gave sight to Julia, the daughter of his jailer. Julia was in love with Valentin. This is the legend.

The party is Thursday, the tradition is that we exchange that day: sweet words and small gifts.

The ideas of Nec plus Ultra.

Red or pink to tell the greyness and the heart to warm up the gloom of the atmosphere.


3 rue d'Alger - Paris 1er / Tel 01 42 36 53 54

Jean Michel CAZABAT

the FARFETCH website


11 Place United States - Paris 16 

Tzuri Gueta

 1 avenue Daumesnil - Paris

Sylvie Corbelin


Siki from Somalia

30, Jacob Street - 75006 / Tel 01 42 60 61 10 

Le Bon Marché

Sidonie Larizzi

15, rue Clémént Marot - 75008

Karry Berreby

18, Lille Street 75007 / 01 40 1563 72


A dinner in tête à tête at Guy Savoy, sacred best table in the world

Currency of Paris, 11 quai Conti - 75006 / such 01 43 80 40 61


30 avenue Mozart 75016

Renaud Pellegrino

8 avenue Victor Hugo - 75016


52, Mozart Avenue 75016


Galerie de la Madeleine at 9, Place d la Madeleine in Paris
Rose and red shagreen bracelets with cabochon amethyst or black tourmaline set on gold (360 euros each)
Intensity of red shagreen with sublime garnet (330 e and 270e)
/ Elegance of red shagreen cuffs with garnet and caramel with tiger's eye (330 e and 270 e)
delicacy of pink shagreen with cabochon of garnet or crystal (330 euros the big cuff, 230 e the small)

Exclusive for Nec Plus Ultra Players -20%

Philippe ferrandis

 346 rue Saint Honoré - Paris

Samuel Gassmann

at the GOOD MARKET left bank