Shopping Mother's Day

This year, one of the most beautiful holidays of the year: Mother's Day is the 26 May. To have a little advance to choose the gift of this beloved mother is the least thing.
You have to know how to take time to guess what will make her happy to spoil her as she deserves. Not always so easy to know what she wants. Nec plus Ultra will go shopping and propose ideas.

Margareth & me

Ephemeral shop until the end of May: 19, rue Duphot - Paris

House Garland

13 rue de la Paix, Paris

Today I wandered rue de la Paix and I found interesting the showcase of the Garland house 13, rue de la Paix.
Pretty pearls at very affordable prices with 20% on the items offered and 5% more if you come from Nec plus Ultra. We love !

Each week we will propose some ideas to please this wonderful woman who is a mother


71, Mozart Avenue 75016
01 42 88 20 20


128-129 Gallery of Valois, 75001 Paris
01 42 60 75 88


99, rue QUINCAMPOIX 75003 - Paris


6 Street Victor Schoelcher - 75014
06 86 30 99 25

Galeries Lafayettes Champs Elysees

We find everything at Galeries Lafayettes Champs Elysees

We find everything at Galeries Lafayettes Champs Elysees ...


96, rue des Rosiers, Saint Ouen
01 40 12 87 40

Sidonie Larizzi

15, rue Clémént Marot, Paris 8
Tel 01 40 07 00 24

Tie Me

8 Clement Marot Street 75008
Tel 0167276988


59, BD Raspail 75006
Tel 09 51 20 56 32

Cacharel by Pascal MILLET

Prestigious perfumes

Made in Paris

69, rue Jean de la Fontaine - Paris 16

Philippe ferrandis

12 rue Bonaparte 75006


117, rue de Rennes - Paris

Casa Lopez

58, avenue Paul Doumer 75116 Paris

Tassel candlesticks
59 € piece

To find out more about being a mother

Renaud Pellegrino

8 av. Victor Hugo - 75016 Paris

Needless to say, this page is a little my winchlist, which I would love to receive at least one of these objects ... dream!

Haute Couture, Spring Summer 2019

What to wear for a life dreamed by some and lived by others more privileged but not always well advised ... Fashion offers an anthology of proposals from the most classic to the most creative. But where to wear these wonders, we dare or not? most of the time we do not dare, we choose the most sober, the most discreet, the most classic. What a pity !

This season Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2019, I had trouble dreaming: too much déjà vu, too many inspirations, too useless, too many "products", too much commercial, and then a lot of creative designers "Go around in circles" and propose again and again variations of their favorite models. In short, we often get bored. Nothing is ever completely lost, you have to watch, let yourself go to emotion and daring. Some models of some fashion shows attract attention and take you to all corners of the world. I "let go" and heated up (in dream) my black centurion map of an imaginary life. A delight !

Exclusive: When KARL LAGERFELD tells his meeting with COCO CHANEL.

Nec plus Ultra pays homage to Karl Lagarfeld

In 2003, the Bon Marché dedicates a magnificent exhibition to the couturier- photographer - bookseller KARL LAGERFELD.

There were portraits of the man in the catogan throughout the store, silhouettes, drawings, clothes, photos of the master. Great preview heectrisé by the presence of star designer.

Surrounded by his team, KARL LAGERFELD distributed smiles, some funny words and kisses (I had mine). He spoke in 4 languages ​​at once (French, English, Italian, German) such as after the parades or international journalists were fighting to approach him. It amused him a lot. I enjoyed every piece of this exhibition that said a lot about the personality of this fascinating man, what curiosity, what energy, what culture, what elegance of heart. I thought I had seen everything from this exhibition when I discovered in an almost hidden corner a helmet auGod on a small pedestalbelow a representative drawing COCO CHANEL and KARL, Côte to côyou. I have listening. KARL a imaginé and writes a conversation with COCO CHANEL. A marvel of humor, daring, causticity, emotion. All KARL!

I wanted to put this text in image. It needed the authorization of the Bon Marché, I got it. Karl's, he gave it to me as well as permission to use his drawings if I also had permission from JEANNE MOREAU who à loan his voice at COCO CHANEL, granted.

The drawings were filmed, the extracts chose, theodre set up. The talent of Julien Grappe, monteur exceptionally talented a give to this meet a particular emotion.

It would be a shame if this video sleeps lINA. So here it is...

Thanks to Bon Marché.

Thanks to the INA

Valentine's Day, last minute gifts ...

Valentine's Day my favorite holiday, that of lovers. She falls every year on 14 February. This February 14 269 is however a fatal date, it is the anniversary date of the martyr and the decapitation of Valentine. Unjust punishment to him who converted to Christianity a young Roman and his family and who gave sight to Julia, the daughter of his jailer. Julia was in love with Valentin. This is the legend.

The party is Thursday, the tradition is that we exchange that day: sweet words and small gifts.

The ideas of Nec plus Ultra.

Red or pink to tell the greyness and the heart to warm up the gloom of the atmosphere.


3 rue d'Alger - Paris 1er / Tel 01 42 36 53 54

Jean Michel CAZABAT

the FARFETCH website


11 Place United States - Paris 16 

Tzuri Gueta

 1 avenue Daumesnil - Paris

Sylvie Corbelin


Siki from Somalia

30, Jacob Street - 75006 / Tel 01 42 60 61 10 

Le Bon Marché

Sidonie Larizzi

15, rue Clémént Marot - 75008

Karry Berreby

18, Lille Street 75007 / 01 40 1563 72


A dinner in tête à tête at Guy Savoy, sacred best table in the world

Currency of Paris, 11 quai Conti - 75006 / such 01 43 80 40 61


30 avenue Mozart 75016

Renaud Pellegrino

8 avenue Victor Hugo - 75016


52, Mozart Avenue 75016


Galerie de la Madeleine at 9, Place d la Madeleine in Paris
Rose and red shagreen bracelets with cabochon amethyst or black tourmaline set on gold (360 euros each)
Intensity of red shagreen with sublime garnet (330 e and 270e)
/ Elegance of red shagreen cuffs with garnet and caramel with tiger's eye (330 e and 270 e)
delicacy of pink shagreen with cabochon of garnet or crystal (330 euros the big cuff, 230 e the small)

Exclusive for Nec Plus Ultra Players -20%

Philippe ferrandis

 346 rue Saint Honoré - Paris

Samuel Gassmann

at the GOOD MARKET left bank

Catherine Marin: The secret of a beautiful skin

The cabinet is 9, rue de Mulhouse in Paris in the 2ème arrondissement. The environment is quite noisy, there is a heavy wooden door, but soon closed the calm of the small courtyard that must be crossed
to get to Catherine Marin already puts you in condition, coolife. The time will stop 1h30 and we will leave fresh, relaxed with a radiant complexion.

At first you must undress and stay in panties. Catherine examines you from head to toe. The body and its postures have no secret for it. She is a podiatrist and followed with passion and
interest all the course of Chinese medicine: light overweight, scoliosis, asymmetry of standing posture, etc., nothing escapes him. Then she makes you lie down on the table, put on socks and cover you with a blanket. It's nice out. A light musical background lulls you as it stretches your lower legs and massages your feet. For the moment, nothing to do with the complexion? Yes, exactly.
While cleaning the skin of the face and décolleté with a depolluting gel reducing pores to penetrate the antioxidant and moisturizing serums, it explains you that the epidermis is the black box of the body, to treat the face requires d maintain the physiology of the body that impacts the imperfections of the epidermis. A mask follows. She uses SKICEUTICALS anti-aging products. Pose the mask then comes the moment almost magical massage. Zone by zone, his hands touch the forehead, the cheeks, the neck, the cleavage, then they begin again by pinching slightly, his fine fingers penetrate the products with quick gestures of little palpated rolled. We close our eyes we let go, we're good. If need a little pressotherapy to find light legs, a little massage and body acupuncture to optimize the effects on the face. Rest a few minutes.

We get dressed, we take tea (bio) we look at ourselves in the mirror. The skin is clear, the complexion glowing. We maintain at home thanks to the advice that Catherine puts in writing, like a prescription, so that the care persists in the time. We come out without the need to remix. Effective.