Elegance according to Hervé Pierre

Hervé Pierre has spent three days in Paris to present his latest collection to buyers in the capital for January 2019 fashionweek. Fourteen models, just as desirable as each other. For the day, the cocktail, small dinner or for a gala. The essentials of the wardrobe of an elegant woman who dresses for pleasure without disguising herself, without provocation or magazine cover effect while being chiquissime, glamorous and sexy.

In his search for designer (he worked at Dior, Balmain, Oscar de la Renta, Caroline Herrera among others) Hervé Pierre does not rely on a theme to tell a story pretext effect of podium or delirium photographic. He dresses women, which means that he meets them, listens to them and rectifies his drawing according to the wishes expressed by the clients. Just for information its 1agesThe collection has been reassigned three times at Bergdoff and Goodman: a first order of thirty pieces, followed by a second order of forty pieces and a third of eighty pieces. Americans who take pleasure in dressing adore, we understand.
Each dress is lined with stretch silk eggshell for comfort and glamor, for aesthetics and finishes the hairy coat on tone hides the hems and seams, the pockets are hidden in the seams to avoid the thickness, seaming as well as discreet seams refine the silhouette, curve or erase the chest. A dream these dresses, almost magical. It is the know-how of Hervé Pierre. Very high quality, superb quality. Do not forget that it dresses the first ladies of the US, some very demanding actresses, the very famous director of American Vogue Anna Wintour and the most beautiful and elegant woman in the world Melania Trump. Her husband's president gives her opinion sometimes and has never criticized the models. Is it a coincidence?
Good news, these dresses will be on sale in the spring in a pretty Parisian shop. We will give you the address at the right time.

Marie-Ange Horlaville

Samsonite launches its exclusive new collection: the Lite-Box Alu

Samsonite announces the launch of Lite-Box Alu, its new collection of aluminum suitcases. Inspired by the Lite-Box Curv®, this new robust and high-end version should appeal to the greatest number.

For more than a century, Samsonite has been the reference brand for the luggage industry.
From the wooden case to the first vertical cases with wheels, Samsonite continues to offer travelers luggage that combines innovation, quality, style, functionality and safety.
Today, the brand adds to its product portfolio a complete range of suitcases, designed to go both in the hold and in the cabin. With all their features, their robustness and their design, these new models should quickly occupy a place of choice among the best-sellers of the brand.

The Alu Lite-Box is the perfect companion for travelers looking for an elegant suitcase to carry their belongings effortlessly and safely. In addition, and thanks to its aluminum adonisé, this model has been designed to last.
"The Alu Lite-Box collection is the epitome of smart design," says Erik Sijmons, Head of Product Design at Samsonite. We have designed this collection to offer a luggage that is both robust and refined. "
With these spacious compartments and embossed webbing, the Lite-Box Alu has a fully equipped interior for optimal storage. In addition, the various pockets present on its removable separation cushions are very convenient for effectively storing clothes and other travel items.

The models are equipped with four silent wheels and an elongated double-tube pull handle to ensure smooth and stable movement.
Finally, and for more safety, these cases are equipped with the new secure locking system with integrated TSA function.

2018: the Mucem confirms its attractiveness

In 2018, the Mucem confirms its attractiveness with 1 335 000 visits (+ 6%), of which 501 342 (+ 21%) have discovered one or more exhibitions and 48 568 (+ 38%) have participated in the artistic and cultural programming.
Many of these events have met their audience, thanks to numerous partnerships with the cultural structures of the territory and thanks to the support of its patrons.

The Mediterranean Gallery (two semi-permanent exhibitions) confirmed its impact with, for "Connectivités": 236 280 visits, and, for "Ruralities": 155 731 visits.

The J4 shows, completed in 2018, recorded the following:
- "We are Foot" (10 October 2017 - 4 February 2018): 76 646 (759 / day) - "Roman-Photo" (12 december 2017 - 23 april 2018): 90 034 (783 / day)
- "Gold" (25 April - 10 September 2018): 162 042 (1 296 / day)
- "Ai Weiwei - Fan-Tan" (20 June - 12 November 2018): 198 844 (1 518 / day)
- Remember that the exhibition "Georges Henri Rivière. Seeing is understanding "(introduced since November 14 2018) is open until March 4 2019.

In the spaces of Fort Saint-Jean, five exhibitions were also presented:
- "Fantasy journeys, Picasso and Russian ballets, between Italy and Spain" (16 February - 24 June 2018): 143 426 (1 281 / day). This exhibition was conducted in parallel with the exhibition of the Center de la Vieille Charité; both exhibits totaling 250 000 visits.
- "Domo de Eŭropa - Historio en Ekzilo" (June 16 - 30 September 2018): this demanding presentation has fascinated almost 5 000 visitors. The Mucem produced the Thomas Bellinck exhibition revisiting the history of Europe, in partnership with the Marseille Festival.
- "Eat in the eye - The French at table in two centuries of photos" (20 July - 30 September 2018): 61 076 (ie 925 / day)
- "Animals from A to Z" (presented since 3 October 2018) is open until 4 March 2019.
- Remember that the exhibition "Kacimi - 1993-2003, an African transition" (presented since November 23 2018) is open until 3 March 2019.

At the Conservation and Resource Center (1, rue Clovis Hugues - 13003) The CCR welcomed 3 760 visitors in its visible reserves, 1 961 in its exhibitions including 1 600 for the exhibition "5 years already! - Acquisitions of Mucem from 2013 "(22 May 2018 - as of 31 December 2018).

On the social networks, the Mucem community continues to grow: at the end of December, the Mucem account 148 645 fans on Facebook (+ 5 279 is + 3,68%), 19 909 followers on Twitter (+ 1806 or + 9,97%), 33 193 Instagram followers (+ 11 197 is + 50,9%).

Attendance at school groups reaches 32 700 students. Similarly, the older audiences of 18 to 25 years have progressed significantly with nearly
39 000 visits (+ 36%), thanks to partnerships with Aix-Marseille University and with the organization of a dedicated program, "Nights Vernies".

[: en] Gift ideas 2018 [:]

[: fr] Re-voila Noel. A celebration of joy, love, exchange, hope and generosity. It is also and especially the moment of the Truce of Christmas, this exceptional moment born during the war of 1914. This is the famous magic of

Noel where we stop all violence and hate movement instead we sing together, we dine together, we dream of peace, of hot

Family reunions and we think of gifts big or small.

In this regard I propose some ideas gleaned everywhere and especially where it is beautiful and original.

Every day some new ideas.

PS: You can also ask for or find the object of your dreams, we will find the address.

Good shopping.

Sidonie Larizzi

15 rue Clément Marot 75008


9 Place of the Madeleine 75008



18 Vero Dodat Gallery

Ralph Tech

XP 9 jeweler, rue ST Honoré in Paris 1 / Chrono: 3, rue Perrault in Paris 11
1 500 to 4 500 euros

Jean Boggio

Goldsmith-jeweler 26 Gallery of Chartres

The cheap

24, rue de Sèvres in Paris

Ideas spring up at every corner and every floor, everything is new, interesting and quality. Whatever the object, it will always be nice. Prices, from the most affordable to the most ... more ... more ...

Guy Savoy

11 quai Conti, Paris

Gifts of exception, there are pretty ideas at Guy Savoy, gift boxes and books to make life better.

Galignani Bookstore

224 rue de Rivoli - Paris 1
It is always a pleasure to receive a beautiful book

Nine, by Francesca Benvenuti

She creates in fabrics of dreams: ponchos, shawl, blouses, sarongs

From 150 to 210 € panchos, 110 € shawls

13, King's street from Rome to Ajaccio

At Phillippe FERRANDIS

30 rue Bonaparte Paris 75006

a choice of elegant gifts, refined unique jewelry pieces


71 avenue Mozart in Paris - 01 42 88 20 20

The arts of the table in majesty and at all prices, but always pretty

Watch Bracelet Watch

25, Dragon Street, 75006 and 11 rue des Rosiers, 75004

Some original ideas of small leather goods, pretty leathers, good practical and aesthetic ideas

The jewels of SONI PONI

10 Dragon Street 75006 / 06 10 10 23 67

We love it and in addition it makes a price to which comes from NEC plus ULTRA


We rush to Montaigne Market to offer or afford the latest glasses of the young brand Tseegan

8 Matignon Avenue 75008

Made in Paris

A lovely shop that offers some very pretty idea of ​​deco gifts

69, La Fontaine Street 75016

Catherine marin

To offer or afford an exceptional care
From 80 to 220 €

9, Mulhouse Street 75002 / 06 24 10 10 91

My Big Bang

Customized coaching, good gifts on mybigbang.fr

PINTO Decorative Cabinet

11 Aboukir Street 75002 / 01 40 13 00 00

Selection of precious objects

Season's Beatings

We must think of the log. Small selection:


[: en] Tailored care: The selection of Nec plus Ultra [:]

[Fr]Because the skin is no longer just normal, oily, or dry but different every day, every season, according to our lifestyle or a time of the year, or even the day, tailor-made care is the new way to consider cosmetics.

Personalization and tailor-made are definitely the new luxury: sneakers at Nike, initials on bags or luggage, men's shirts at Charvet, iconic Vanessa Bruno's tote, ... brands have understood how to make the consumer feel unique. offering bespoke versions of their products. But if it is indeed an area where the tailor-made takes all its meaning and all its usefulness, it is the cosmetics. Not one skin is like another skin and each skin itself varies from one day to another, from one period to another and according to different issues. The skin reflects not only our soul but our emotions, our way of life, our health concerns, our age, our environment, or our level of stress. She reacts to all this with very visible signs: dull complexion, pimples, dark circles, shine, dryness, wrinkles, redness, etc ... It then becomes a little complicated to choose one of the many care that brands offer us and which address too broad a spectrum. Where to turn, what to buy in winter when you have dehydrated skin, less firm and live in urban areas?

Nec Plus Ultra offers its selection of these new treatments, duly tested and approved.

Apot.Care: pure serums

10 "pure sera" corresponding to 10 active highly concentrated and protected in their individual bottle. Each serum can be used alone or in combination with other 2 maximum. To find the ones your skin needs at a moment T, just fill out a questionnaire on the brand's website. The combination of the sera is made at the last moment in the palm of the hand to ensure the effectiveness and stability of the assets. Each active ingredient can be used in serum or as a booster, mixed with a cream, a mask or a foundation.

Apot.Care is cruelty free, made in France, paraben free, fragrance free.

Bottle of 10ml - 29 euros - www.apotcare.com

Ioma: My In.Lab Cream

A pioneer of personalized cosmetics, after the bespoke Ritual Jeunesse Coffret and its different 864 formulas, Ioma launches My Cream with 40257 possible formulas, realized by a consultant of the brand in less than a minute. Composed of a base (day cream or night cream, as desired) and 5 serums differently dosed according to the client, Ma Crème is an exceptional concentration of active ingredients that act in synergy to meet the needs at time I, at the moment M, at diagnosis D of the client. Unisex and multiethnic, My Cream adapts to all types of even sensitive skin.

Bottle of 30ml or 50ml - from 89 euros - www.ioma-paris.com

Eponyma: My Day Cream

A newcomer to the tailor-made cosmetics market, Eponyma offers a unique treatment, resulting from online profiling and offering more than 15000 possible combinations. Key ingredients include Canadian birchbark extract, natural biopolymers, red clover extract, edelweiss extract, and marine water with dwarf extracts. red algae. Best of all, at the end of the questionnaire you can enter your first name and the name of your formula for a truly ultra personalized treatment.

Flake of 50ml - from 76 euros - www.eponyma.com

Laboté: the cure of masks

Founded by Lucile Battail, Laboté is a brand of botanical cosmetics made on demand by pharmacy doctors in the laboratory located at 11 rue Madame. Fully glazed, the laboratory can assist if you order on site to develop its personalized care. Neither parabens, nor silicones nor preservatives listed go into the recipe Laboté care to make room for the best of the pharmacopoeia. The 4 masks are offered as a cure of 3 months, at a rate of one per week. Each mask consists of clay and medicinal plant extracts and is in the form of a large capsule of product to mix at home with a little water. The mask thus obtained is applied in thick layer and is allowed to pose 15 minutes.

The cure of 3 months - 30 euros - www.labote.com

Carita: The Precis

Carita offers focused 4 concentrates that contain concentrated core assets for optimal efficiency. Marine Glycopolymer for Lift Concentrate, Hyaluronic Acid for Hydro-Plumping Concentrate, 10% Vitamin C for Radiance Revitalizing Concentrate and AHA for Anti-Blemish Concentrate. They are used alone or combined to treat a punctual need or cure for an installed problem, or only on well-defined parts of the face. The format is nomadic to be easily transported and used at any time

Bottle of 15ml - 49,50 euros - www.carita.fr

Judith Girard-Marczak


[: en] Haute couture Fall Winter 2018-2019 [:]


Haute Couture, this French exception that makes the world dream and all women who love beauty and life gives material to move into an imaginary existence for some and very real for others. Let's dream about the ideal wardrobe for this season.