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The chain of Art of Living.

Ultimate is today an on-demand TV channel on Youtube. A website, a twitter account, an Instagram account, where I will be able to satisfy my passion for French art de vivre, showcasing the skills and craftsmanship of excellence and glamor.

For Nec plus Ultra I have a philosophy:

1 / Luxury is above all a story of heart

2 / Luxury is not excluded but without compromise, without compromise but not devoid of humor, lightness and distance.

Nec plus Ultra is a zigzag ballad or I will take you,

workshops in palaces, behind the scenes of big events backstage parades, backstage parades in 1ers ranks where people are shown and, of course, I will attend the fashion shows and gather interviews of creators and stars when they have something to say.

I will try the most beautiful cars, climb aboard beautiful boats, meet collectors, I will go to the studios of artists and schools where we learn to do the beautiful in all areas: embroidery, cabinet making, jewelry and haute joaillerie, watchmaking and haute horlogerie, fashion haute couture, ready to wear and my favorites of Top shop in Uniqlo ....

I will give the good addresses and will share my meetings.

I will offer you every week a page "shopping", a selection of accessories, fashion, design, the best of what offer small and large luxury homes, to give you ideas

As there is not a luxury, but luxuries, I will collect the definitions of the luxury of the personalities that I cross over the reports.

For the site Nec plus Ultra, I will meet young entrepreneurs. They are barely 30 years old and are great.

There will also be a community section, a page, or freely, Internet users, journalists or creators can express their 'Y'en A Marre' without obligations to sign the article.

Nec plus Ultra is a gateway to a wonderful universe (or all is not rosy) to cultivate his ability to marvel, to dream and more if affinities, whether or not to heat up his American Express. [: en] As of today, Nec more Ultra is a Youtube video on demand channel, a website, a twitter account, and an Instagram account where "I will be able to satisfy my passion for French" lifestyle, to showcase the know-how and the craftsmen of excellence and glamor.

For Nec plus Ultra, I follow a simple philosophy: 1 / Luxury is, first and foremost, about heart.

2 / Luxury is not exclusive, but is uncompromising, uncompromising but not devoid of humor, lightness and distance.

Where do you go from here to where you are, from the workshops to the hotel, from the backstage of the biggest events and the fashion shows, to the seats at the front row, where people are here to be seen. I will go to the shows myself and interview fashion designers and stars whenever they have something to tell.

I will test drive the most beautiful cars, meet collectors, visit art workshops and schools where the beautiful is taught, whatever the field may be; embroidery, woodwork, jewelery and fine jewelery, fine watchmaking, haute couture, ready-made clothing and my special picks, from Top Shop to Uniqlo ...

I will share my favorite places and encounters.

Each week, I will propose a "shopping" page, a selection of accessories, of fashion, of design, the best of what small and big luxury companies have to offer. It might give you a few ideas.

There is no luxury, but lushies, I will collect the definition of luxury from the personalities I am bound to meet during the course of my reports.

For the Nec plus Ultra website, I will meet young entrepreneurs. They are barely 30 years old and are already amazing.

There will also be a page dedicated to the community. In this column, users, journalists or designers will have the opportunity to express their "Enough Is Enough", without any obligation to sign their article.

Nec more is a gateway to a marvelous universe (where, nonetheless, everything that shines is not gold), where people can grow their sense of wonder, dream, and decide whether they should pull their American Express out of the gold wallet. not. [:]