Exclusive: When KARL LAGERFELD tells his meeting with COCO CHANEL.

Nec plus Ultra pays homage to Karl Lagarfeld

In 2003, the Bon Marché dedicates a magnificent exhibition to the couturier- photographer - bookseller KARL LAGERFELD.

There were portraits of the man in the catogan throughout the store, silhouettes, drawings, clothes, photos of the master. Great preview heectrisé by the presence of star designer.

Surrounded by his team, KARL LAGERFELD distributed smiles, some funny words and kisses (I had mine). He spoke in 4 languages ​​at once (French, English, Italian, German) such as after the parades or international journalists were fighting to approach him. It amused him a lot. I enjoyed every piece of this exhibition that said a lot about the personality of this fascinating man, what curiosity, what energy, what culture, what elegance of heart. I thought I had seen everything from this exhibition when I discovered in an almost hidden corner a helmet auGod on a small pedestalbelow a representative drawing COCO CHANEL and KARL, Côte to côyou. I have listening. KARL a imaginé and writes a conversation with COCO CHANEL. A marvel of humor, daring, causticity, emotion. All KARL!

I wanted to put this text in image. It needed the authorization of the Bon Marché, I got it. Karl's, he gave it to me as well as permission to use his drawings if I also had permission from JEANNE MOREAU who à loan his voice at COCO CHANEL, granted.

The drawings were filmed, the extracts chose, theodre set up. The talent of Julien Grappe, monteur exceptionally talented a give to this meet a particular emotion.

It would be a shame if this video sleeps lINA. So here it is...

Thanks to Bon Marché.

Thanks to the INA